Some highly recommended buys that I love using oh-so-much!

Here are some of the things that add fun to my life. Recommended for everyone. Age, gender no bar! 🙂

Magnetic Balls

Create amazing shapes with these little balls. Can’t get my hands off this one. Since they’re magnetic, it’d difficult to lose them 🙂

I got utterly confused with all the different options available and finally zeroed in on this one after much research. I can say I’m overjoyed!

Story Cubes

Love unleashing my creative side with these Story Cubes. A fun game for everyone!

Kinetic Sand

It’s fun to play with these, and they don’t mess up your hands like the beach sand does. Best of both worlds – everyone’s happy! 

Fluffy Slime

With so many types of slimes, it’s so difficult to choose which one to go for! Loved this one, for it’s so soft, doesn’t stick, and really does act as my stress-reliever!

Spiderman Action Figure

I’m not particularly a fan of action figures, but this one looks so cute and candid ready to click a picture hanging upside down from a lamp-post. I was surprised when even my guy-friends liked this one.


Here comes Catwoman in action. She looks amazing with her big expressive eyes. I like to put the above Spiderman and Catwoman next to each other. They make a wonderful pair (at least on my desk)! 

Spiderman Catwoman
The Spiderman-Catwoman pair on my desk

A little note: if you buy something you like on Amazon using these links, Try New Today would get rewarded with a tiny commission. This helps cover the costs of keeping the blog running. 

Having said that all products have been personally tried and I truly would have recommend them anyways. 🙂 Hope you enjoy these well under budget things that make life happier in little ways 🙂

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