Why I think Social Media is good for us

Today I look back at all those years gone by. How, when I was a child talking over a corded phone was a big deal; fast-forward to today, when the ability to reach out to anyone is literally at our fingertips. I have experienced the transition of the world from what we now call ‘offline’ to going digital.

One of the things that have impacted my life in a big way is Social Media. I think Social Media is good for us, and I have a good reason to believe so.

But first, a disclaimer. These are just my views, and I’d love to know if you think otherwise. There are so many things that are good for us, but if taken in excess, they do us harm. I think Social Media falls into that category.

I can just talk about the Social Media platforms that I use, and how I use them which makes me believe that being on Social Media has played a huge role in making me evolve as a person and has helped me learn so many things.

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 Social Media

Getting social, digitally

My introduction to Social Media happened with Orkut. Some of you may not have heard of it, because it is now extinct! (and those of you who have would be easily able to guess my age!). When I first joined Orkut, I was impressed by the way I could upload pictures, share my thoughts and connect with anyone I wanted to, and there lied an easy way to share all the things I wanted with all those who mattered. The promise of ‘always staying in touch’ seemed practical to achieve!

And soon I got hooked to Facebook, and I never looked back. If I was looking to reconnect with anyone, I could find them on Facebook.

True Story – My grandmother, who used to keep telling me stories of her chilhood friends, who she eventually lost touch with, after a few years of getting married, reconnected, and all she had to do was know her freind’s name.

I realised that at any given point of time in life, we can personally be in touch with only a limited set of friends, so even if I wasn’t in constant touch with my friends, because we kind of stay updated with each other’s life events, when we talk or meet again in person, it’s just like the old times.. and that’s a great feeling.

Of course, we’re leading such busy lives, that we need not even remember birthdays! Social Media is there to remind us. If, just with one automated reminder, we end up connecting with someone with whom we would have lost touch otherwise, I think it’s a good idea.

In addition to friends, I also started following a lot of brands and joined groups that I was interested in – news, creativity, marketing and advertising etc. So, I used to get my dose of news and all the things I was interested in, all at one place.

Cooking is one of those skills that I’ve learnt only because of those videos going viral where they make self-cooked food look so tempting and easy!

Social Media beyond Facebook

When I graduated in Marketing, I started looking for a job in the field and that’s when one of my friends suggested – “you can get the job of your dreams, connect with absolutely anyone if you get onto the professional social media network called LinkedIn.”

And it sure worked for me in more ways than one. I connected with people, got advice I got recommendations. I reached out to the relevant people in the organisations I wanted to work in. And, I learnt about the skills that I would need to grow in my career. I would say, LinkedIn is one platform for anyone who wants to build a career in any field.

As for Instagram, I’m a late entrant. I started using Instagram only when I realised that I wanted to share the new things that I tried with more number of people. And since I’ve been using it for a while, I now realise that it has made me more grateful as a person. I see something positive in every single day, that’s worthy of sharing with everyone. Instagram is one of those Social Media Channels where you find just the good stuff that sends out all positive vibes. And I think I can say that for Pinterest too! There again, I tend to stumble upon some really good blogs that I wouldn’t search for otherwise, and Pinterest brings it all to me without me having to actively search for something.

In the same way, Twitter is another source with which I discover so many things, just with the trending ideas and the hashtags that interest me.

It would be incomplete without mentioning Youtube. I have learnt innumerable things from YouTube – from life skills, to skills that help me at work to getting inspired to simply being entertained well.

My world-view has widened in many ways only because of these Social Media channels. If you too agree with me, we should definitely connect on the social media channels of Try New Today.

What are your thoughts about Social Media, and how do you use it? I’d love to know.

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