Today at Apple – Free workshops at Apple Stores to help you make the most of Apple products

I had been using an iPhone and a MacBook for a few years,  but my decision of choosing an Apple product over the other alternatives was mostly to do with the looks and the robustness. But I wouldn’t say that my usage of my devices was even close to optimal.

I always wanted to learn the little tricks that made Apple products among the best devices available. I wanted to learn how to use iMovie, and simple tricks that could make my phone take as amazing pictures as a DSLR.

I did look out for online tutorials to help me get a basic understanding of how to use the tools I already had, But learning Technology doesn’t come easily to me and with so much stuff all over the Internet, it only left me more confused than ever. So I wished someone could teach me just the basics one to one, and help me out when I would get stuck, and I could easily take it on from there.

 Today at Apple - Free Workshops at Apple that helped me start my YouTube Channel

As luck would have it, I discovered Today at Apple – an initiative by Apple to help people make the most of their devices. They have a host of workshops happening every day, and you can sign up to attend the ones of your choice. With the extra devices made available especially for these workshops, even if you don’t own any of the Apple devices, you can still attend these events. Experiencing the products first-hand can help you help you decide if they’re the right choice for you.

It’s simple to enroll yourself in a workshop. Just visit Today at Apple page, select your country and the store you’d like to visit, and it shows up all the workshops running at the stores around you for the next couple of weeks.

The workshops that I attended were based on learning iMovie Basics and learning how to take better pictures and videos with the iPhone.

Photo Walks

In the photo walks you learn how to put the various features of iPhone to good use. It’s just so much fun to walk around in the city, the same places you would’ve seen multiple times; this time capturing the beauty through the iPhone lens. I attended a couple of photo walks. They were enjoyable, and even when I was the only person to have registered for the workshop, the trainer was pleased to give me complete attention for the full duration of the workshop.

Sketch Walks

Here, you’d grab your iPad pro and pencil and head out to locations to sketch the inspirations you see all around. A brilliant way to get introduced to the Apple pencil, I would say.

Studio Hours

You know how when we start working on a project and then get stuck in a deadlock. Studio hours are meant to address just that. Book a slot, and work on your project, while the staff will be happy to help you out at every step when you get stuck.

Teacher Tuesdays

Here’s a place where teachers too have something new to learn. These workshops are specially designed for Teachers to help them make learning more engaging for the kids. Teachers can even bring their students to a field trip to the Apple store to let them explore their creative side with Apple products.

Kids Hour

These Workshops are specially designed for kids. What an amazing idea to speak creativity in the kids early on. The workshops include creating movies, music and even basic coding. Now, imagine, how excited kids would be to make their own star wars trailer.

Apple Products

Switching to iOS and feeling lost? No worries, Apple has workshops for that too. An introduction to all the basics you’d need to make you feel comfortable for using Apple products.

Whether you’re running a business or just want to get creative, there are workshops for everyone, and attending these will help me get more productive with some of the best products you own.

I always wanted to work with the Apple pencil to create some amazing stuff on iPad Pro, and an Apple Watch has been on my wish-list ever since it has been released. Before making my purchase I’ll make sure I experience these through the Today at Apple workshops. I hope you too will make use of these wonderful free workshops Apple is conducting every single day in a number of cities around the world.

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