How to find free events and workshops near you

By now you’d know that I am interested in a lot of things. I like attending creative workshops, imbibing the local culture, learning something new or just interacting with people of different backgrounds.So, my calendar is usually full of workshops and events (most of which are free to attend, or pay very little). When my friends see my Instagram posts about the different things I do, they go like – “how do you even find these events that we never get to know of!”. So today I’m going to share my secrets about how I learn about all the events and workshops happening near me.

  discover events around you with event apps and websites - eventbrite and meet up

Websites and Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are my favourite way to find about events and workshops happening around me. But if you’re not into apps, you can always use the respective websites.

There are various apps available that show events happening near you, but I have shortlisted my favourites that I regularly refer to. These apps have their presence across major cities of the world, so, more likely than not, you’ll find events in your city on these two apps.

My first favourite is – Eventbrite. I have attended various events ranging from art workshops to music performances and even networking events. There are enough free events listed even if one is not willing to spend on the impressive list of paid events. You can use this app to book events near you. See all your tickets in an easy to use interface and add them to your calendar so that you don’t miss them on the given date.

In Eventbrite you’ll find the events and workshops that happen one of. But if you’re looking at getting involved in meeting people with shared interests more often, Meetup is where you should go. Here you can find various groups near you who meet up on a regular basis. The list of categories is detailed so you’re sure to find some great ways to interact with people who share your interests. You can even create your own group if you don’t find a group you’re looking for. Now, we can’t really complain about getting bored, can we!

Links to these websites are given below, so you know you’re looking at the same ones that I’m referring to.


Download on iTunes
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Download on iTunes
Download on Google Play Store

 Event Leaflets 

Event Leaflets

When I visit places that interest me – art galleries, museums, library, even my favourite food takeaways, I make sure to browse through the leaflets that are kept there. While some of the events may need to be paid for, a substantial number are free to attend as well. I have worked as a Marketing professional a fair bit, and I’d like to share my understanding with you that some events just need participants or an audience. The revenue does not come from the tickets. So, it’s in our interest to reserve the entry tickets for these free events that we’re interested in, well in advance.

 use search engines Google to find out free and paid events and workshops near you

Search Engines

The list would be incomplete without mentioning Search Engines. So by simply searching “free workshops near me” or “events near me”, you’ll find regional websites that’ll help you discover events of your choice in your city. The algorithm of Google keeps analyzing to get you the most relevant search results upfront. As an example, the day I put up my website, I checked on Google and despite having a .com domain, it didn’t show up for the first 20 pages when I typed in, “try new today”. Well, simply because it did not have enough content then. So someone who would want to try out new things would not even stumble upon my website! But, as the content grew, it now does show up amongst the top few. Which is good news!

So, if you didn’t find anything of your interest today, don’t despair, keep checking for free workshops, or art workshops in your city, or whatever it is that interests you, and you sure will discover something that you might like.

These are my top tips for helping you find events and workshops near you. I’d love to know yours as well. Do share the new things that you’ve learned at free workshops or how you’ve enjoyed free events. This helps spread the word to everyone about how amazing these free events and workshops can be!

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