The meaning of Superlambanana and its journey of becoming a symbol for Liverpool

What is one common thing among London Bridge, Eiffel Tower, and Taj Mahal? The one that struck me first was that all these are architectural masterpieces represent the respective countries to which they belong.

The world is full of such examples and Liverpool is no exception. Superlambanana is one sculpture in the heart of Liverpool that has become a cultural icon for the city.

The meaning of Superlambanana

Superlambanana was created by a Japanese artist – Taro Chiezo for Britain’s Art Transpennine exhibition in 1998. Through this work, he aimed to represent the issue of genetic engineering by adding a sense of humour through this amalgamation of a lamb and a banana. Thereby, the sculpture is aptly termed as the Superlambanana! (The ‘Super’ coming from its big size)

 The original Superlambanana - outs Liverpool John Moore's University Building, Liverpool The original Superlambanana – outs Liverpool John Moore’s University Building, Liverpool

Where to find the Superlambanana

The original yellow Superlambanana was first placed near the Liver Building. It then moved around the city to Williamson Square, Spike Island, Wapping (near the Albert Dock) and currently resides outside the University Library, near the City Centre.

While most city-symbols that I have known about, usually have just one in the physical form. The Superlambana has its extended representations beyond the souvenirs. Various quirky forms of this much-loved symbol of Liverpool are literally scattered around the city. Spotting Superlambananas in the city of Liverpool is a real thing! Here are some that I have found till date. 🙂

 Superlambananas outside Museum of Liverpool  outside Museum of Liverpool

 Superlambananas on the Princess Dock, behind Museum of Liverpool  on the Princess Dock, behind Museum of Liverpool

 Superlambananas near Hope Street, Liverpool  near Hope Street, Liverpool

Becoming a cultural symbol of Liverpool

You know how I love Liverpool. It’s the little things such as these that makes the city special in its own ways. You can’t help but smile when you see a new form of Superlambanana right across the street.

Here’s a book that has Fun facts about Superlambana – sure to be loved by people of all ages.

What do you think of this lovely creature? Do you know about any other works of art that have become are versatile and yet, have become symbols of their city?

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