Quora – a ‘personal’ Search Engine

Consider this. You’re moving to a new city and you wish to know about the people, the safety aspect, how easy it is to move around, the weather, where to stay and in general, the quality of life and things you should keep in mind before you take the plunge.

Who would you turn to, for all this information?

A few weeks ago, I would have said – “Google search it, duh!”. I would have searched for ‘weather trends’ and then drawn conclusions accordingly. For most of the other aspects, I would put in my search queries in words such that the search engine would be able to fetch me some relevant results.

But what’s better than Google? For me, it’s a real person telling me their views – someone who can address my specific concerns and actually converse with me; instead of me having to draw conclusions from data. Moreover, data-crunching is not one of my favourite things to do outside work! A human point-of-view is so much more helpful, isn’t it?

I thought it was just wishful thinking till I very recently discovered Quora. And now, Quora has become one of my go-to ‘search-engines’ for many of my queries where I seek a personal opinion.

What is Quora

Quora is a Questions-and-Answers platform where one can ask questions about any aspect – ranging from life’s philosophy to help with making career-related decisions. Quorans (users of Quora) who have listed these as their knowledge-areas (and even others) can choose to answer the questions.

With this arrangement, the answer seeker obviously reaps the benefit, by getting answers to their questions. But one important question that pops up is – Why would anyone bother to take out time and answer questions of strangers?

There can be a range of reasons. Some of them are here.

Free Expression

Quora is a platform where people can give their own opinion. So, instead of holding their thoughts to themselves, they can share their opinion with the world.

Even personal questions are asked – such as, – “What’s your deepest secret that you haven’t shared with anyone?” I assume people ask such questions because they want to connect with people with similar mindsets. Many users also avail the option to answer such personal questions anonymously. This way they can share their honest experiences without having to worry about their secrets being discovered or them being judged by others. The writers themselves would feel lighter by sharing their experiences with everyone without having to reveal their identity.

I like to answer questions because it makes me introspect and ponder over the questions asked which helps me articulate my thoughts, not just for the world, but myself too.

Sharing a Personal journey

People can get to know the personal stories of the Public figures and even regular people through the answers shared by them. This helps people connect and empathize with each other as humans.

For example, I have shared my personal thoughts, the journey of my career progression and many other aspects through the answers I have written on Quora. These are some things that I probably wouldn’t have shared on my blog otherwise.

Sometimes, people are more than willing to share their stories, all you need to do is ask!

Promoting business

Businesses can answer queries related to their field of expertise to help and guide people in the right direction. This way, they get seen as knowledgeable in their field and the answer-seeker is led in the right direction by the experts.

As ones who’re asking the questions, we can select who we seek the answers from. Quora suggests people’s profiles who’re answered many similar questions and when their profile indicates that they’re knowledgeable about the subject in question.

It’s a win for everyone if you ask me.

Quora for everyone

I tend to visit Quora not just when I have questions, but even to read through people’s interesting answers and even to answer thought-provoking questions.

I think we can make use of Social Media in many ways to benefit us. Now, Quora is a recent addition to my list of Social Media platforms (which I also consider to be a search engine in a way) that helps me discover good things and be my better self.

If you like, you can visit my profile on Quora as well, read my answers and get to know my point-of-view on different aspects.

What do you think about this Questions-and-Answers format of ‘personalised’ Search Engine cum Social Media platform? Would you consider becoming a Quoran? I so hope you do. 🙂


  1. Gaurav
    July 7, 2018 / 7:30 PM

    That’s an interesting way of looking at a Q&A forum.

    • July 7, 2018 / 7:35 PM

      Thank you Gaurav. Yes, it’s an interesting forum – somewhere between a Social Network and a Search Engine, and some answers are really interesting and engaging.

  2. the Good Guy
    August 12, 2018 / 8:42 PM

    please increase the font a little bit for better viewing

    • September 22, 2018 / 5:37 PM

      thank you for your feedback. will work on it 🙂

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