Must Watch ‘Pure’ Sci-Fi Movies you might have missed

When I search for Sci-fi movies, a lot of the recommendations that come up are either Superhero movies or those where technology overpowers humanity and the humans counter that with over-the-board action. But I would classify such movies as a separate category.

What I appreciate in Sci-fi movies is a futuristic story-line with realism, and that’s what I call as ‘Pure’ Science Fiction –  something that just makes us imagine a realistic scenario that may occur sometime in the future.

Here are some ‘pure’ Sci-fi movies that I highly recommend. All these movies have been nominated for Oscar awards in various categories, and that by itself is a testimony that these ones are masterpieces.

 Her Sci-Fi Romantic Movie 2013 Oscar Award Winner for Original Screenplay


Here’s an introvery guy who feels lonely in the digital world. He gets a new Operating System for himself and sets it according to his preferences. Since the AI (artificially intelligent system) is always there for him and is so real-like, he falls in love with ‘her’. The story beautifully extends into what it would be like to date an AI instead of a human. It’s more than just sci-fi. It’s a romantic, drama and sci-fi movie all in one.

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 Arrival Sci-FiMovie


A spaceship arrives on earth. A little into the movie we get to know that there’s not just one location, but there are similar spaceships at 12 different locations around the world. Humans want to know the purpose of why they arrived on earth. But the aliens speak a language that we humans can’t understand.

An interpreter is invited to decode the language of the aliens. She herself can’t understand the language, but she works on deriving patterns to communicate with them to know the purpose of their arrival on the earth.

It’s an engaging story and a pretty realistic one. This movie doesn’t contain any action, I’d say it’s more of a drama – thriller kind of movie, and I can totally bet you’ll enjoy it.

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 Gravity Sci-Fi Movie


Two astronauts set out in space for some regular work and they’re meant to get back to earth soon. An accident happens in the space.. Life in space is impossible! This is a story about what happens after that accident happens.

It details out how life can be and the challenges one would face in the absence of gravity. Mid-way into the movie you’d find threatening silence, and yet the movie doesn’t lose its pace. It’ll keep you wondering what’ll happen next. It’s a thriller and a sci-fi movie packaged into one. The visuals are stunning and the film keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout!

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 Interstellar Sci-Fi Movie


The world is coming to an end! Most people don’t know this fact, they just adapt to the lifestyle. They change their professions to farming because the world needs more food. The world has changed drastically from what we know today. There’s a dust storm that happens often..

A secret organization is working towards exploring other areas in the universe where humanity could be shifted to. The movie explores the various options humans could have to preserve mankind. This movie is a visual delight.

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 The Martian Sci-Fi Movie

The Martian

A group of astronauts land on Mars, and one person gets left behind by his crew. The Martian is a story about what happens then. The story of his survival on Mars and how he becomes a Martian – a resident of Mars.

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