Must Watch Romantic Movies with compelling stories

Good storytelling is something I enjoy and appreciate a lot. So, this time around, I thought I’d share my views on some of the most romantic movies I’ve watched recently. I know many who roll their eyes when I talk about romantic movies.  but take my word for it, you wouldn’t regret watching these stories that show love in a different light.  In fact, when I cried while watching it again, I knew I had picked the right ones for this blog post.

Me Before You

Here’s a girl who needs a job to support her family; and clearly her best skill is, being chatty all the time.  As luck would have it, she lands up in a job as a caretaker of a paralyzed man. Will doesn’t want to be taken care of and Louisa turns up everyday for work not because she particularly enjoys it, but just because she has to. Me before you is a story of the how the relationship between Louisa Clarke and Will Traynor evolves from indifference to friendship and then to undying love. It’s an unlikely love story, a journey about living life boldly, loving unconditionally and seeing through the hardest times together. This intense love story is bound to make you smile and break down into tears all at the same time.
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it’s about a girl who sets out from Ireland to United States in hope to build a better life for herself. She doesn’t know what’s in store for her, all she knows is that it’s better than what she was getting back in Ireland. She works in the day and studies at night with an aim to become an accountant one day. She misses home, but soon she falls in love with a man who makes her feel loved in this new world. Just when she starts seeing Brooklyn as her new home, her past creeps in to pull her back to the life that she had left far behind in Ireland. But she had left an integral part of herself back in the States. Brooklyn is a heartwarming story of a girl finding her identity in a foreign land. It’s a story that we will all relate to, well, just because we’re all human and we’re not perfect, we find love, we hurt someone, we have aspirations we all need to make difficult choices, all of this for a better life.
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The Longest Ride

An ambitious college girl meets a cowboy by accident. They know there’s a spark between them but they also understand that their lives and aspirations are different, that they don’t have a viable future together. They happen to recuse a man from a car crash. The old man recounts precious moments with the love of his life and the turn of events in his life. This old man’s story makes the young couple realise that love goes beyond reason. The longest ride is a story that shows how love always finds a way making everything work just all right, and this stands true across generations.
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The fault in our stars

A girl who’s suffering from cancer meets someone at the support group she’s been forced to join by her parents and doctor. The teenaged boy and girl learn about each other and especially bond over their thoughts on a book they’ve read. This is a story about loving when you know you’re going to lose the other person and of making a limited time last like infinity. It’s a story that shows how just having a loved one by one’s side can make a world of difference to the limited lifespan we share. This one is sure to make your eyes well up with tears of empathy and helplessness, so be sure to hold a box of tissues while watching this one.
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Now, which of these movies have you watched before and which of these are your favourites? Are there any that you’d like to recommend to me? I’d love to hear from you. I look forward to your suggestions.

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