Marriage Games – a fun board game for couples (18+)

Playing board games with friends is one of my most fond memories of childhood. It was only when MDR Games offered to send this board game called Marriage Games, that I realised how playing board games had almost disappeared from my life.

I was told this is a game for couples, and that, I thought was such an innovative idea for how many times would couples play board games! When at home, my husband and I love watching movies, having good food and sometimes even playing games on the computer; but playing a board game is something that never even crossed our minds.

I was excited to try out this new recreational activity – something that was specially designed for couples, and see if we enjoy this different way of spending time together.

Marriage Games

When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed (and fell in love with) was the cute colourful illustrations. While assembling together the game, I enjoyed reading the speech blurbs and the expressions. A little word of caution – this game is meant for adults and has some content and illustrations that are’t really suitable for children (cutely done though).

I liked how multiple activities are packed in with cards and spin-the-bottle wheel and one even gets rewarded with Cupid Points!

Having known each other for almost a decade and a half, my husband and I can almost read the other’s mind. It was fun to accept these little challenges to see how much we know each other.

Associations Test

I drew out a card and it showed a picture. We had to write down six words (or phrases) we could associate with that picture. Trust me, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. We were struggling beyond the first couple of bullet points.

The fun began when we started comparing notes. See how I wrote this as a perfect holiday and my husband wrote it as a weekend. and the best bit is, we actually think just the opposite. Just so our answers match, we wrote the opposite of what we really think! Confused? Well, it can get tricky, but that’s where the fun lies.

Getting to know each other

The red cards had questions that prompted us to talk about things we had never talked about before. It was interesting how we learned some trivia about one another with these cards.

Until a few days back, I didn’t know about my husband’s favourite hobby as a child. Now I do!

The Code Language

The ‘What am I talking about?’ cards mentioned a word that the other person had to spell out, but the trick is, one cannot use the ‘forbidden words’ mentioned below.

It was interesting how I referenced some instances to make my husband guess the word ‘menu’, without mentioning food-related words. We ended up talking about the quirky little things we do when we dine out, and these blue cards triggered so many other interesting conversations reminiscing the little moments in our relationship over the years.

Charades Cards

These set of cards have a number of prompts that need to be illustrated, one of them being – Saying and Proverbs. But there’s some naughty stuff too! It’s a ‘Marriage’ game after-all, not a game for school kids 😉

“Cooking” -> “Cook” -> “Cooks” -> “too many cooks spoil the broth”

Took me just 5 seconds to guess this, and we started laughing as to how he thought he could never get me to guess this longish proverb. I thought this picture game makes an interesting addition to the game.

Who Won?

I won the game by a few Cupid Points! But really, it was a win for both of us. We had such a great game night after ages – an evening when we chose to do something other than watching something on a digital screen.

New couple goals

We’ve set some new couple goals for ourselves – completing all the prompts in this board game! Can’t wait to find what we’re yet to discover about each other.

As an additional bonus, turn over the board, and it transforms into a game where up to four couples can play. So the next time we have some friends over, we enjoy the same game in a different way by teaming up as couples.

Marriage Games got me interested in board games all over again. I’m sure there’ll be many more game nights at home now. Would you skip the TV and indulge in board games? I’m curious to know, which one’s your favourite?

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