Talks similar to TED – Inspiring Talks that inspire us and help learn something new

I love the idea of learning something new, but practically speaking, with a full-time job, household chores and weekend plans, I’m unable to commit to learning something new at  regular basis.

Ever since I discovered TED Talks, I find myself binge-watching these small nuggets of information. It amazes me how there’s so much to know about and inspiration hidden everywhere.

One day, I wondered if there would be other talk of similar formats apart from TED. And guess what! I did find more such talks that could inspire me to learn something new or look at things from a different perspective.

TED Talks

First, let’s talk about TED Talks themselves because that’s where it all began.

TED talks started in 1984, way before the Internet was born. TED originally stood for Technology Entertainment Design, but now it covers a wide range of topics – from religion to global issues.

Some of my favourite TED Talks are these –

Simon Sinek who’s an author and motivational speaker talks about what is the most important factor in determining your success in any field – and the answer is not hard work! It’s about why you do what you do, and why determining that is important.

Then there’s another one by Amy Cuddy social psychologist and author; this is one talk that instantly boosts confidence and shows how you can configure body language to shape your personality and become more confident.

And this talk by Julian Treasure who’s a voice coach talk about how we can have better conversations and use our voice – our toolbox, to talk in a way that people would really listen tos us.

TED Talks has even branched out to TEDx Talks that happen at a local level is many cities around the world.

If you like TED Talks and dream of speaking at the TED stage (I know it’s on my bucket list), you might like these reads – Talk like TED and The official TED guide to public speaking. These tell all you know to know about the public speaking and presentation techniques that make TED Talks so engaging.

Talks like TED

Here’s a list of 25 resources where you can find inspiring and educational talks from industry experts, and sometimes even regular people just like us. Here we can learn about the latest in science and technology, arts, psychology or simply learn something from their experiences in life.

Some talks are as small as 5 minutes, and you’ll be surprised how much new you can learn in such a short span. They’ll help you expand your world-view in little ways and they make great conversation starters too! Now, that’s another reason to watch them, isn’t it?

1.  99U

These talks, organized by Adobe have a pretty similar format as the TED talks. The topis usually range across creativity, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

2. Big Think

These talks again, cover a range of topics from entrepreneurship to philanthropy. The format, however is more like the speaker is talking into the camera instead of addressing an audience.

3. Ignite Talks

it’s a format where the speakers have just 5 minutes and 20 slides to give their talk. The presentation slides automatically advance every 15 seconds. I have attended an Ignite Session myself, in Liverpool, and I can say that the insights one gets from these quick and fun talks are incredible.

4. Do Lectures

As the name suggests, the idea is to get inspired by those who do commendable things and go do something ourselves. It’s an event that happens in Wales but since the videos are available online, we’re very happy to take in the inspiration.

5. Talks at Google

Google invites distinguished personalities from different fields- authors, scientists, film-makers, artists, musicians, actors to talk about the wonderful work they’ve done and they share their knowledge.

6. Ink Talks

This platform is based in India, and the idea is simply to facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and some really inspiring stories.

7. The Moth

People just like you and me can have some great stories to share, and The Moth celebrates that.  It’s almost like listening to your friends who tell you about some interesting things that happened in their life, or something that shaped them into the person they are today. It’s a delight to listen to real stories from people just like us.

8. The Fun Theory

This was an initiative by Volkswagen which encouraged people to share their innovative ideas on how people’s behaviour can be changed for the better by introducing the fun element. How to encourage people to throw stuff into the bin, or make it fun to climb up the stairs instead of taking the escalator.

It seems that the initiative has been on a pause for some time now, but the videos are still an interesting thing to watch and can inspire us to think creatively!

9. Pecha Kucha

Unexpected creative ideas on anything. – bringing its 20 images-in-20 seconds format to audiences the world over. Like Ignite, the presenters speak and the slides advance automatically, whether they want them to or not, and they’re charged with delivering a concise, impactful message in the time they get—and boy to some of them manage to do that

Here are some more that are specific to certain interests such as creativity, business, healthcare, religion and more.

10. BIL Conference

The conference covers topics on arts, science, society, and technology

11. Idea City

This conference is based in Toronto. It covers tops from art and design to space science.

12. Pop Tech

These talks cover practical innovation across various spheres, primarily around Technology.

13. Edge

The ideas presented on Edge are speculative; they represent the frontiers of knowledge in the areas of evolutionary biology, genetics, computer science, neurophysiology, psychology, and physics.

14. Entertainment Gathering

Talks for people interested in the entertainment industry.

15. The RSA

The topics in this series would appeal to people in the field of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce.

16. Lift Conference

business and social implications of technological innovation through the organization of international event series and open innovation programs in Europe and Asia.

17. The Creators Project

This is like the Mecca for creators and those seeking talks on creativity.

18. Frontiers of Interaction

The talks are centered on innovation in healthcare.

19. Q Conference

The topics cover talks on culture, religion and church.

20. Creative Mornings

Another set of talks centered around creativity.

21. Gel Conference

The conference is all about creating positive and great customer experiences for businesses.

22. Summit Series

These gatherings combine art, talks, culinary experiences, music, and wellness activations.

23. The New Yorker

24. The Harward Magazine

Here you’ll find talks by leaders from the Business and Literary world, hosted at the Harward University.

And if all of these were not enough, the top universities of the world have their own channels – Like the Harward and the Stanford University and many others have their own channel on YouTube where you’d find some inspiring talks. I have my two favourites – the commencements speeches given by Steve Jobs at Stanford University and another by J. K. Rowling at Harward University. I highly recommend you should watch these.

Phew! That completes a long list of resources where you can find access to some big ideas.

Apart from TED Talks, I really enjoy The Moth and Ignite Talks. Which ones are your favourite? If there’s any Talk that you’d especially like to recommend, do let me know.

(Note: This blog post has some affiliate links, which means I would get a tiny commission if you purchase from the respective website using these links. As you’d know, I only link the products that I truly would recommend anyways. The affiliate links help contribute towards the cost of running this blog and every little helps. Thank you for all your support.)

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