Learn how to Spot a Liar – simple life hacks

Understanding human behaviour can be complicated. Reading body language, and spotting lies are some of the things that never cease to fascinate us. Learning these little tricks always come in handy in real life. By this, I don’t mean that we should look for the negative side of people, but these hacks on reading body language can help us understand people better and save us from being abused.

I happened to learn a few of these tricks through an unlikely source – and that’s a TV series. So, while keeping me entertained with this crime-mystery-drama series, I learnt a few tricks as well. And now just that I also learnt a few extra things about human behaviour that we at times ignore.

I’ll be sharing with you four lessons that I learnt about human behaviour from this TV series called LIe to Me. It’s a slightly old TV series which was aired from 2009-2011 with three seasons, so you may not be able to find it on Netflix, so you can get your hands on this unique TV series through this link.

 Read Body Language

The protagonist, Dr. Cal Lightman is a deception expert. He along with his team resolve civil and criminal cases by just answering one question – What’s the Truth.

He does that by analyzing the body language of the people involved to unveil the truth behind the lies.

Apart from keeping you at the edge of my seat, here are some lessons I learned which I think are good enough reasons to make the series a must watch.

‘Harmless’ lies everywhere

Most times, people lie with no intention to harm, but just to conceal their own deficiencies, which in some cases they don’t realize, can have huge implications on serious issues. Watching this just made me more mindful of skipping the unnecessary lies like “I’ve left home’ or ‘I’ll be there on time’. It just makes life simple for everyone.

Universal micro-expressions

Micro-expressions is a term that I learnt only through this TV series. Micro-expressions last a fraction of a second and give away what the person is truly feeling even if they attempt to conceal their true emotions with “conscious expressions”. While watching the series, I realised that Micro-expressions are universal, and a few extra tips can come in handy to better understand people around us.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Lightman and his team notice micro-expressions that go beyond our conventional knowledge of body language. It’s good to understand the various exceptions that exist so we don’t judge people around us with the our surface level knowledge.

Respecting personal boundaries

While everyone in the Lightman Group is a deception expert, they make a conscious effort to respect each other’s privacy, making sure that their professional skills do not hamper their relationships with their loved ones and colleagues. It made me appreciate how allowing some personal space can help relationships flourish.

I sincerely hope that you’d watch this series, if you haven’t watched it yet.

Tell me, which of these are your favourite lie detection hacks.

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