Disneyland – why it’s a must visit even for adults

The four of us were super excited for our first ever trip to Europe. So, while planning our itinerary for Paris, we were wondering whether or not we should cover Disneyland, especially because there aren’t any kids in our group. Being die-hard fans of everything Disney, we thought we shouldn’t miss this opportunity, and I’m so glad we thought that way.

While I can just talk about Disneyland Paris, I’m sure the others around the world would have a similar or even better experience.

After spending one complete day at Disneyland, I understood why it’s called the happiest place on earth. For kids, there are numerous reasons to be at Disneyland. For others, I can list at least the top five.

You know the castle that we see at the beginning of every Disney movie. As we entered Disneyland, we saw the same castle appear for real and that’s when we knew we had entered into a magical land. The simplest of things – gardens, eateries and even benches meant just to take a break, are so thoughtfully blended into the Disney theme, that one wonders if there could be any other place more creative than this. 

The themes of most of the attractions are based on their existing movies and animation characters, but there’s even more. Some of the rides are interactive, some can make your heart race; there was one particular show which took us behind the scenes of the ‘real-life-like’ stunts done in the movies; and then there are others are just breezy rides to show some spectacular things Disney can do.  The journeys are so beautifully crafted that the fictitious world almost comes to life we, the visitors feel like we’re very much a part of the magical world.  

We’ve all seen parades at some point or the other in life, but the ones that happen in Disneyland are beyond different. A number of parades happen through the day where all the animation characters from our childhood fvaourites the princesses and their prince charmings, walk down the paths to show us the magic Disney has created over the years. By the end of it all, I realized that I was no longer worried about the struggles of adult life I had outside this place, all I wanted was to get clicked with Mickey and Minnie and  freeze the magical moments I was experiencing through the day. Well, all I could manage was to get clicked with Minnie balloons, because Mickey and Minnie are easily the busiest people in Disneyland. 🙂

As the night falls, the place gets lit up in a way to look even more beautiful than it was when you just started your day and Just when you think that the happening day is about to end, arrives the finale. As is the castle, the fireworks that  we saw at the start of Disney movies is also for real, and that’s just a part of it. The castle acts as a giant canvas, and a complete magical story is built in mid-air. After having watched some of the most famous fireworks in the world; this, I can say with complete confidence, is by far the most spectacular show I’ve ever witnessed till date.  It  lasted almost 40 minutes, and we learnt that this stunning display happens every single day of the year that the park is open. It was so mesmerising, we didn’t even take any videos so as not to miss a single moment of the experience. 

Actually, you may not be able to cover all the wonders even in one full day. There’s just so much to see and do, – one day is just not enough. Do note that every single attraction, even simply strolling through the park, is an experience in itself.  We had visited the park on a weekend, so we did have to queue up for some of the attractions. If we could extend our stay in the city, we surely would have returned to experience what couldn’t cover in one day. 

There are some things that we did right, and some we wish we knew before. So here are some tips to make the most of your trip to Disneyland.

Choose your day wisely

Avoid weekends and public holidays if you can. Lesser people will get you quicker to enjoy all the rides and attractions, give you better view of the parades and even let you have better pictures with fewer people in the background.

Start early (and stretch till the very end)

Getting in the park early helps you cover a few attractions early on, leaving you with enough time to take breaks, relax and even repeat an experience if you like. By late evening, you may be tempted to head back home, but hold on; you must remain in the park to witness the most spectacular show with lights and fireworks with the Disney castle in the backdrop. This last show is the perfect ending to an eventful day and is bound to become one of your fondest memories.

Map out your day

Grab a map available for free at the entrance. Scan through it to know the parade timings, and the attraction you would definitely want to cover. Before seeing these parades, I myself thought that they must be over-hyped, but after seeing them myself I will highly recommend that you should see all the parades and plan the attractions you wish to cover accordingly.

Take regular food breaks

It’ll be a long day, so make sure you’re energetic and well-hydrated through the day. By the end of the day, you might find that you have only limited options left, as most outlets would have run out of food. So, try and take your last meal of the day by early evening if you can, or you run the risk of starving till you exit the park, which is almost midnight.

Carry a power backup for your camera (or phone)
Every ounce of Disneyland is so magical, you’ll want to capture it all in your pictures and videos, and this is bound to drain the battery of your camera (or your phone, if you’re using that). If you have a power backup handy, you’ll be able to capture the spectacular fireworks and the last minute pictures as you bid farewell to Disneyland.




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