What is Comic-Con and the things that make it an exciting event

I was far from being a geeky person. My husband introduced me to the world of Superheroes and what comes along with it.

I had no idea comic-con existed! But after watching some movies, and attending a comic-con event, I started appreciating the world better. I want to share my experience with everyone, especially those who think this is an experience that might not be for them. I assure you, you’d change your mind.


What is Comic-Con

Comic-Con (short for Comic Convention) is an event where geeks – read enthusiasts for superheroes and similar characters get together and celebrate their shared interest for this fictional world.

The name gets derived from ‘Comics’ is because these Superheroes made their debut in comics (or graphic novels) – the first one way back in 1935; much before they were popularized by the TV and movies.

What to expect at a Comic-Con

Comic-Con has gone beyond just the comic characters to capture the interests of artists, performers, and fans of fantasy and fictional worlds across various mediums.

It’s an action-packed event, usually spread over 3-4 days with interesting events to suit everyone’s interests. Here are some of the things one can expect to see at Comic-Con.


This is the star showcase of Comic-Con. Fans dress up and enact like fictional characters. It’s just like living the fantasy of being a Superhero. Hence, it is called Cosplay (Costume Play)

In the Cosplay competition, participants get onto the stage and compete with each other to showcase their talent of bringing their favourite characters to life. Sometimes people also do crossplay – which means they dress up like a character of a different gender than theirs.

At big Comic-Con events, there are cosplay competitions and various categories as well. The San Diego Comic-Con even has different award categories such as Best Original Design, Best Workmanship, and Best Young Fan.

Some people have even made a career out of cosplaying. Someone who’s looking at becoming a costume designer can use Comic cons as a big event to showcase their skills.

Beyond Superheroes

Comic-Con is not just about Superheroes, it has extended into anything creative and geeky. Events and merchandise at Comic-Cons extend into the Gaming, Animation and the Fantasy world as well.

At Comic-Cons, one can find comic books or graphic novels, appearances by artists who have created these characters or acted in these movies. One can also find action figures, merchandise and collectibles not just for the superheroes, but also from TV Shows and movies belonging to this cult.

Expect to see representation from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Animae Characters, Doctor Who, Friends TV show, popular games like God of war, Assasin’s Creed, and the list would just go on…

The comic-con 2018 in Liverpool also had a huge section of computer-games, where people could just jump in to play their favourite games, some that were popular back in the days.

Exclusive Events

Since this is one place where all Comic fans get together, it sees many exclusive announcements and showcases regarding the upcoming movies and games. Artists make appearances so the fans can interact with them in person during this event.

Exclusive interviews, gaming events, and autograph signing events also happen here.

Books and Merchandise

There’s usually a huge section which has a range of merchandise fans can take back. Action figures carved to high detailing, graphic novels and wearables can be found here.

Because it’s available all at one place, it’s one of the best places to buy such things.

Comic-Con for everyone

If you haven’t been to the comic-con, you must visit one. It has something for everyone, and it’s a whole new different world altogether. These events happen in most major cities of the world and usually span over 3-4 days. The enthusiasm one finds at this large-scale event is infectious.

I attended two comic-cons in Delhi, India and the third one in Liverpool. I hope that one day, I get a chance to attend the biggest comic-con that happens in San Diego, USA.

Do share with me what you think about this event, and if you’d like to attend it someday. If you’ve been a part of comic-con, do share your experiences.

P.S. The pictures shown in this post are from the Comic-Con 2018 that happened in Liverpool. Again, one of the many experiences that makes Liverpool special.


  1. Anonymous
    July 20, 2018 / 4:50 AM

    This is my intro to Comic-con. I guess this must be quite enjoying for children and adults both, to move into this new world of superheroes. Isn’t it?

    • July 20, 2018 / 9:26 PM

      Yes, Comic-Con is very interesting for all age groups and people of all interests. You must definitely visit one when you get a chance. 🙂

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