Making positivity a way of life, with prompts and affirmations

Mind is a powerful thing and we all know that positive thoughts can work wonders. A couple of weeks back, I received a ‘box of positivity’ (as I like to call it) from the Welljoy Shop.

It came in a small box that would fit into a letterbox. While I knew what it would have, I have little idea of what it would do.

Making positivity a way of life

These colourful, cute little things have blended into my daily life. I love reading these positive affirmations when I use my wallet, carry my keys, or even look at the poster by the mirror in my dressing room. These might sound trivial, but positive thoughts like these are making for a perfect beginning to my day.

In the box, I particularly liked the idea of the Welljoy Map and the Welljoy Plan.

Various little things in the Welljoy pack help me be positive and introspect to know myself better

Welljoy Map

This workbook has prompts that help me introspect. It’s surprising how we usually think we know ourselves well, and it’s only when we write them down that we think about the things that make us happy.

The map helped me identify the things that make me happy and the things that really matter. I realize that after just after filling up some of the pages, I have started prioritizing my actions on the basis of the people that are important to me and things that make me happy.

Welljoy Plan

I put up this plan in my living room, aiming to do just one thing every day in any order (that in a way adds to the fun). While some of them are easy to do, some others are a little bit of a challenge. But one thing is certain – by pushing myself out of my comfort zone, each of these activities is bringing me joy.

Every time I strike one off my list, I feel I have done at least one thing today that has made me a happier and better person.

The Welljoy Plan encourages me to do something new and different everyday.

The idea of spreading positivity

Overall, I think the Welljoy Box makes for a thoughtful present for a loved one that’s sure to spread positivity.

Welljoy Enterpises is a social enterprise based in the UK which works towards helping people lead happier, healthier and better lives. Welljoy Shop is an initiative through which they offer little things that encourage mindfulness, happiness and health.

Note: The Welljoy Box was sent to me by Wellbeing Enterprises. Having said that, these views are my very own and are not guided by the organisation in any way. I think the little things in the Welljoy box have made a positive addition to my life, and who doesn’t appreciate some extra positivity! 🙂


  1. James Smith
    July 5, 2018 / 10:23 AM

    The Welljoy Pack looks fab. I absolutely love the colours in the pack and the Welljoy Map looks super fun to complete!

    • July 5, 2018 / 1:19 PM

      Yes James, it sure has fun little things to work with every day. And I love seeing these happy colours too!

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