Bargain Hunt at Charity Shop and how it works

I absolutely love shopping. It’s like therapy for me. There’s an amazing feeling I get every time I part with my money in exchange of getting something cool and words can’t describe that. And what’s better than getting something at a bargain!

I recently found a new way of doing that – by shopping from Charity Shops. I was new to the concept and once I learned about it, I wanted to share that with everyone. The staff at one of the Charity Shops I visited in the UK – British Heart Foundation, was kind enough to share with me, the behind-the-scenes of how Charity Stores work.

While walking on high-streets, I discovered many stores around me, stores that sell a variety of things – clothes, books, bags, shoes, even furniture under names that seemed as if they should be Charity organisations, working for a cause; but why are they selling stuff like this!


British Heart Foundation, one of the most popular charity shops in the UK

I later understood that these are Charity Shops. The idea of Charity Shops is to raise funds and help out people in need and spread awareness for the cause they work towards.

In India Charity Organisations work this way – one can donate stuff, and then the Charity Organisation themselves distribute those things amongst the needy.

Here in the UK, things work a little differently. The Charity Organisations invite donations from people. When people donate their stuff to these shops, the shops then sell them at a cheaper price to raise funds for the various causes they support. So, this way, we can get things at a bargain price while the Charity gets to raise funds for the cause.

Here are some of the things I have bought from Charity Stores, and the quality is comparable to what I’d buy at full-price from stores on the high-street.


Why shopping at Charity Shops is a good idea

I get to buy some amazing things at a bargain price

Because the things sold here are hand-me-downs, they are priced a little lower than what you’d get at high street shops. There’s so much more value for my buck that I can get by shopping from these charity shops.

Get your hands on unique things

More often than not, the things available at these stores would be just a unique piece. When people around you would be using the same styles that are currently trending on high-street stores, you will be sporting some unique styles. No one can tell that these are not fresh pieces that you picked up. In fact, you can make people wonder where you get such great stuff from!

Raise funds for a cause

We may shop because it’s cheap and great value for money, but by shopping from these Charity shops we are also raising funds for the cause that the charity is working towards. If my shopping can help raise awareness and save lives, I’d be very happy to do that!

I surprise myself every time I go on a Shopping Spree to Charity Shops, and I love doing so.

Would you consider buying things from these stores while raising funds for a cause?

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