Açaí berries and some recipies with Sambazon superfruit packs

When Sambazon said they’d send their Açaí superfruit packs for me to try out, I literally searched for the web to find out what Açaí berries were, and how to pronounce the word right! Just so you know too, it’s pronounced as ‘a-saa-ee’; just say the last bit a little quick!

Turned out, these berries are available in the forests of Amazon in Brazil; rich in antioxidants and healthy omegas. The superfruit packs made by Sambazon are made with organic and GMO-free ingredients.

Phew! That was a long list of good things put into a pack, and I was so looking forward to trying out.

Berrilicious Goodness

Of the many recipes that I could make with these little packs, I chose to try just the simplest ones, so that I could get the real taste of these berries.

It’s difficult to describe a taste in words; so in addition, let me tell how it felt too!

This berry smoothie made with Sambazon Superfruit pack is packed with loads of goodness, and is my new go-to breakfast.

A delicious smoothie

I’m an obsessive ‘chewer’ – I tend to chew my food way more than necessary, which means that finding time to have enough time to have a hearty breakfast amidst the morning rush is a real challenge.

All I had to do for this smoothie was to blend together the Acai frozen supplement with my regular mixed berries, banana and almond milk.

It was absolute deliciousness and extra nutrition that I could gulp down quick! This smoothie recipe turned out to be a total life-saver. Thankfully, it’s also tasty enough for me to look forward to having it every morning.

This berry breakfast bowl is made with Sambazon Superfruit pack made with Acai Berries, topped with granola and fresh fruits.

A perfect breakfast bowl

So you now know that I don’t particularly have time for an elaborate breakfast on weekdays. On weekends, I again like something quick to get me going, so I can make the most of my off-days from work.

I know what you’re thinking! 😉 Yes, I seldom have an elaborate breakfast. If only, it has to be a brunch. But that’s just me.

I blended the same smoothie-recipe with less liquid, topped it with some museli and fresh fruits, and my super-breakfast was ready! I loved the different textures with the additions for this breakfast bowl! 

Trying something new

I love berries of all kinds. That’s another reason why I tried just the berry recipes. I’m so happy to have found this new type of berry, something new I loved trying. Even if I can’t find these with the local farmers, I now know I can find them in the supermarkets and easily store them in my freezer. 

Why don’t you give it a try too, and let me know what you think?

More about Sambazon

Sambazon has taken the initiative to share this Amazonian goodness through their amazing range. There’re present in the US and of course Brazil too. Thankfully, they’re here in the UK as well. The products are available on Ocado, Whole Food Market UK, The Açaí Store and Lifebox Food Co.

I discovered that Sambazon has some cafés too, where they’d serve their original recipes. I’d be on a lookout for these cafés if I happen to visit any of these locations. I hope Sambazon opens up an outlet in Liverpool, because I think it’s an amazing place everyone should visit – people and brands alike!


  1. Anonymous
    July 17, 2018 / 6:24 AM

    Are these berries available in India too. I feel like tasting it.

    • July 17, 2018 / 3:25 PM

      I think you might be able to find them in International Supermarkets or even the premium food sections of Big Bazaar. It’s easier than ever before to find International foods in India now. Keep an eye out for acai, and if try them, do let me know what you think. 🙂

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