Hello, I’m Aditi

An Indian, living in Liverpool, U.K; a Marketeer by profession,
an explorer at heart.

It dates back to my childhood days when my parents used to ask me to take responsibility as an elder sister, to order lunch for ourselves, while they were getting late from work. I used to flip through the promotional booklets and call up outlets to order food we hadn’t heard of before. My first little leaps towards trying something new taught me that experiencing new things can be wonderful.

A few decades later, the surprises that these new somethings bring along still make my day and whet my appetite for the other new that are still undiscovered.

Outside the Marketing professional I am qualified to be (and enough experienced as well), I like to find the little gems in the world I haven’t explored yet.

The little things life brings along everyday, have made me learn precious lessons that have shaped me into the person I am today. Through Try New Today, I wish to share all the incredible experiences I have had; the things that have inspired and motivated me all along.

So, you can expect to see my honest recommendations that I’d sincerely love you to try. If they changed my life for the better, they could change yours too! Or, simply experience the same thing again with a different perspective, and you might appreciate it even more.

I’d like to share about the movies have made me empathise with various lives, the travel expeditions that made me appreciate the world like never before, even brands created by ‘real’ people that make this experience called life, better, in countless ways.

I hope you will try my hand-picked suggestions and share your own journeys of trying something new.

Love and Gratitude,

P.S. Write back to me. I’d love to hear from you.